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West Suburban Tech is technology that makes sense (as in we’ll work to make sure you actually understand what needs to be done to get things done!).

Your organization and your leadership team have a vision and a mission to impart on the world.  This may not allow time for reading up on the latest Android security issues or understanding how your domain works on the back end.  You may not have an all out IT department, but you do need to call on a team of experts when the need arises.

Technology is the air behind which all businesses must breathe.

We’re committed to fair and affordable pricing to community organizations for local tech services in Chicagoland. Non-profits should contact us directly for discount prices.

Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and drop us a line at westsubtech (at gm@il).

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Welcome to West Suburban Tech, a local business service designed by a mother who noticed a need to bring online […]